In the world of Beyond the Black Sea, your character is more than just a collection of stats and abilities. They are a living, breathing individual with their own history, motivations, and personality. This blog post will provide tips and tricks for creating memorable characters that will bring the game’s rich and diverse world to life.

Understanding the World

Before you start creating your character, it’s important to understand the world of Beyond the Black Sea. This is a world of high adventure and ancient mysteries, where barbarian warriors clash with serpent people and ancient civilizations hide forgotten secrets. The more you know about the world, the better you can create a character that fits into it.

Choosing a Concept

Your character concept is the foundation of your character. It’s a brief description that encapsulates who your character is and what they do. Are they a Hyperborean warrior seeking glory in battle? A Stygian sorcerer delving into forbidden magic? Or perhaps a Pictish scout, expertly navigating the wilds? Your character concept will guide your choices as you create your character.

Selecting Attributes and Skills

Once you have a character concept, you can start selecting your character’s attributes and skills. These represent your character’s natural talents and learned abilities. When choosing attributes and skills, think about what makes sense for your character concept. A warrior might have high Strength and Combat skills, while a sorcerer might focus on Intelligence and Sorcery.

Creating a Backstory

A character’s backstory is a crucial part of making them feel real and grounded in the world. Where did they come from? What experiences have shaped them? What are their goals and fears? A well-crafted backstory can provide motivation for your character and give them depth and complexity.

Roleplaying Your Character

Finally, the most important part of creating a memorable character is how you roleplay them. Try to get into your character’s head and think about how they would react to different situations. Use their backstory and personality to guide your decisions. Remember, a character is more than just their abilities – they are a person with their own thoughts and feelings.


Creating a memorable character in Beyond the Black Sea is a rewarding and creative process. By understanding the world, choosing a strong concept, selecting appropriate attributes and skills, crafting a compelling backstory, and roleplaying your character effectively, you can create a character that will leave a lasting impression on your fellow players and bring the world of Beyond the Black Sea to life.