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The Dark Stars Universe is our expanding set of pen & paper role playing games. These games all use the Dark Stars rule system.This site is all about our new Dark Stars product Faeries Wear Boots! Beyond the Black Sea. 

Beyond the Black Sea is a complete conversion of Dark Stars, it is based on Faeries Wear Boots!. This Sword & Sorcery setting brings a gritty fantasy to the Dark Stars Universe as a whole. Like all of our products, this is all compatible with the rest of Dark Stars.

Beyond The Black Sea cover





Epiphany Entertainment created Beyond the Black Sea to a be a one book wonder with everything you need to play the game. Systems, Characters, World Setting, a Large Equipment set to create your own Sword & Sorcery adventure in an alternate earth. We drew heavy influence from the likes of Robert E Howard, Howard Philip Lovecraft, Ashton Clark Smith and many others. We wanted to make a gritty fantasy sword and sorcery setting that you can get with just one book, of course we ended up writing more monsters to fill the world, so there is a separate bestiary, but some examples are given in the back of the book. 

The world features our world 10,000 years in the past, before a glaciation period which wipes the slate clean about 9000 years ago. The world of man is divided into many cultural and ethnic groups who all have their own way of living. From the Dogon of northern Africa to the Cimmerians of the Baltic regions with Atlanteans and Lemurians bringing more mystery to the world these groups have different skills and traits. We are sure you will find a good book to add to your Roleplaying collection. 

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